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Stretching Canvas Prices

15" X 20"   $120.00
18" X 24"   $142.00
26" X 34"   $214.00
36" X 48"   $369.00
47" X 63"   $588.00
54" X 72"   $710.00

Why On Canvas?

If you want to be more creative in the images you print out, the canvas is a good option... More

Digital Photography On Canvas

The main service of Canvas Deluxe is printing pictures onto canvas. And the Most print comes from digital photography that prints on canvas. If you already have Some pictures you're thinking to print them on canvas, take a look Around Canvas Deluxe to see what suits you best. If you haven't shot your. Also you can choose one of the effects that Canvas Deluxe offer, so you can make much more amazing your picture. Desired photos yet, but you looking for information on digital photography that printing on Canvas, so please follow,

History of digital photography before canvas poster printing

Digital cameras have been around since the early 1980's. Although at That time the to public was not able to buy yet. They were being used in Space, as it was easier and more advantageous than using in regular. The fact that the data can be directly transferred to a computer is what Made it so easy.

Since the home computer and the internet revolution, digital cameras Have become extremely popular all around the globes. Anyone can take a Picture and have it online in less than 1 minute.

There are many factors that make a camera better or worse from the others. The marketing is the number of pixels, counted in megapixels. But Don’t let this fool, the number of megapixels is not the only issue that important Factor of which company the digital camera, but the processing system also very important. That converts the raw data to color balanced picture.

Choose Digital or Film before you send us the picture and ask enlarge photos to canvas

Both types of camera have their advantages and disadvantages. Digital Camera’s main advantage is their connection to any computer, Making it easy for any one to upload and e-mail his or her photos On the net and between family and relevance. Film camera's main advantage is their much higher result quality.

If you're looking to be able to take parties, graduations, new boat ceremonies, then a digital camera is perfect. If you'll be taking Beautiful views, close up bees, whales, a film camera might be more suitable.
Also the option to delete any picture that you took but you didn’t like the look of the picture, with no cost. Canvas Deluxe way of receiving photos from you is through the computer, So naturally it might be easier and much less costly to use a digital camera. But, Also you can just scan your photos. Canvas Deluxe can take many formats and print the digital files to canvas exactly like the pictures received. Most of the time we not touching the files unless the client ask us.



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