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A step-by-step guide for CanvasDeluxe stretching process |

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Stretching Canvas Prices

15" X 20"   $120.00
18" X 24"   $142.00
26" X 34"   $214.00
36" X 48"   $369.00
47" X 63"   $588.00
54" X 72"   $710.00

Why On Canvas?

If you want to be more creative in the images you print out, the canvas is a good option... More
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A step-by-step guide for CanvasDeluxe’s stretching process

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A step-by-step guide for CanvasDeluxe’s stretching process

A step-by-step guide for CanvasDeluxe’s stretching process

Step 1

We assemble the custom stretcher bars we prepared for your image based on your special sizes than we sand off sharp corners and make sure the stretcher frame is strong and solid.


Step 2

Our stretcher specialist positions the print over the stretcher frame and gently presses down at the corners. (If there is no frame, we create enough bleeds to cover the thickness of the stretcher frame.)



Step 3

Using canvas-stretching pliers and a stapler to attach your image to the stretcher frame. He Begins in the center of the frame and works his way out to the corners. He Attaches a small segment of canvas then stretches and attaches the opposing side than Works in segments equal to the width of the pliers.   



Step 4


Once he finished stretching the canvas over the frame he turns the picture over and make sure the canvas is equally stretched over the frame (no waves, sagging or loose ends of the canvas) and the image is equally centered over the frame.


Step 5

Now your image is ready to ship.
The picture is transferred to our shipping department were it’s
carefully wrapped, boxed and ready to go




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