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Photos On Canvas
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Stretching Canvas Prices

15" X 20"   $120.00
18" X 24"   $142.00
26" X 34"   $214.00
36" X 48"   $369.00
47" X 63"   $588.00
54" X 72"   $710.00

Why On Canvas?

If you want to be more creative in the images you print out, the canvas is a good option... More
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Terms and Conditions

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Attention: please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the CanvasDeluxe Web site. Use of this Web site indicates your complete acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not use CanvasDeluxe Web site.

I have carefully read, and I agree to, the terms and condition set forth below. I understand and agree that placing an order at this Web site is subject to the following.

I am fully responsible for the content and the quality of the digital media, picture graphics or files (“media”) I am uploading to the CanvasDeluxe Web site.

I have the full rights to the media that I have submitted to the CanvasDeluxe Web site.

I will respect third party intellectual property and will not violate any copyrights that belong to any third party.

I understand that CanvasDeluxe does not examine the content of the media submitted to the Web site and will not be held liable for it.

I will not submit any media for which I do not have full written permission of the owner’s copyright, included but not limited to: logos, trademarks, intellectual property, rights, trade secrets, private material and patents.

I do not plan to sell, distribute or copy for commercial use any material I have submitted, without having full permission from the original owner.

If I submit, knowingly or unknowingly, copyright-protected media for which I DO NOT have permission to use, I will take full responsibility for any claims or legal consequences that may occur and will not hold CanvasDeluxe liable or responsible for my actions in any way.

I agree to indemnify CanvasDeluxe, its officers, employees, agents, contractors and subcontractors or anyone that represents CanvasDeluxe from and against any and all expenses, liabilities, losses or damages incurred and any claims or legal proceedings brought against CanvasDeluxe or arising from the use of or conduct on the CanvasDeluxe Web site.

I agree NOT TO upload any media which are illegal; suggest criminal activities; contain instructions for illegal, criminal or terrorist activities; commit libel or slander; contain pornography; violate civil rights, contain racial content or discriminate in any way on the basis of race, sex or religion.

I agree NOT TO upload anything that contains infected file(s), viruses, computer worms, spyware, malware or any file that might harm, malfunction or interrupt CanvasDeluxe's software, hardware and/or servers.

I agree to obey all local, state and federal laws related to the material I submit to the CanvasDeluxe Web site.

I will provide the exact name, billing address and telephone number as it appears on my credit card statement. Incorrect information may cause a delay in processing my order. I understand and agree that orders which are shipped to an address other than my billing address listed with the credit card company are required to have the temporary, alternate shipping address added to the account. Processing time for orders in this case may take up to 48 hours longer. This requirement applies to first time purchases only and is used to verify that the cardholder is the one placing the order.

I am aware that CanvasDeluxe will only accept credit cards issued by a bank or other financial institution within the U.S. with verifiable references. All transactions are subject to verification for safety and security purposes.

I agree to pay in full for the services I obtained from the CanvasDeluxe Web site.

I understand that CanvasDeluxe will protect my privacy and personal information and will not sell or rent any of my information to any third party without my consent.

I agree that CanvasDeluxe reserves the right to refuse to provide the services on its Web site for any reason using their sole and only discretion.

I have read and I understand the Useful Info section of this web site.

I have read understand and accept CanvasDeluxe's policies

I know that any statement made in this paragraph is not meant to replace or substitute for any disclaimer, company policy or any legal document concerning CanvasDeluxe Web site.


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