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Stretching Canvas Prices

15" X 20"   $120.00
18" X 24"   $142.00
26" X 34"   $214.00
36" X 48"   $369.00
47" X 63"   $588.00
54" X 72"   $710.00

Why On Canvas?

If you want to be more creative in the images you print out, the canvas is a good option... More

Gift Ideas For Printing On Canvas

Special occasions call for special gifts to our loved ones. Special people make life worth living and they deserve a token of love from us during a very important event. There are numerous gift ideas being offered today both from the traditional and virtual stores but perhaps one the most memorable gifts we can give is a photo on canvas.

Photos on canvas are made possible by the onset of advanced ink jet technology in the field of digital photography. With a more modern inkjet printer available today, photos can now be easily enhanced by people who fancy photography whether an amateur or already an experienced one. Canvas Deluxe is the right choice when it comes to printing your photos on canvas.

Canvas is a new medium in photography. It comes in a variety of shapes, textures and tones. Compared to the traditional photo paper with the standard and glossy finish, this material is textured and is more lasting because of its water resistant sealer. With this unique sealer feature, the canvas can endure different conditions including water damage and direct sunlight. In addition, it does not easily crease when rolled. When well taken care of, your most cherished print on canvas can last up to 100 years. The big edge of canvas is its ability to accommodate the exact details and colors that only digital photography can capture. The finished print provides the exact replica of an oil painting.

If you’d like to gift your loved ones with quality photos on canvas, Canvas Deluxe can very well help you. It specializes in affordable canvas prints according to your personal taste. Whether you want to print a small photo for a frame or a large poster, or you want to have a photo cropped or edited, you are guaranteed the best quality for your digital photography on canvas all the time.

For your prints on canvas, you have a choice between Giclee printing and using gallery wrapped canvas. Canvas Giclee photo printing is ideal for large size pictures. A different type of inkjet printer is used for this purpose but it still has the ability to capture the original colors of the photo.

A gallery wrapped canvas, on the other hand, makes your pictures ready to be hung without the need to be framed. This type of canvas is called as such because it actually wraps the picture around the edges of the canvas.

So wait no more. Pick a memorable picture now, have it printed by Canvas Deluxe and make a special person in life happy.



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