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Photos On Canvas
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The Art of Photos on Canvas

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Photographs speak about days gone by, memories cherished, magnificent landscapes and things that meant a lot to you. Photographs are an extension of your self. It is quite difficult to find homes that do not display a photograph. It is not only a part of a home décor; photographs have managed to adorn even highbrow corporate walls. The purposes can vary but the emotions remain same. A photograph evokes deep emotions.

Photography is an art and it says about the creator and the entity framed in it. In the recent years photography has taken a whole new course with photos on canvas. A canvas has been primarily associated with paintings and most of us relate it with the striking oil-paints or acrylics that embellish museums and art galleries. Just like a painting, photos on canvas portray an image larger-than-life. A particular photo mounted on the wall of your bedroom can change as well as complement the ambience portrayed by the décor. It is undoubtedly a great idea to adorn the wall of your home with such piece of art. The checkered, uneven texture of the canvas would lend an artistic edge to the photograph that is aesthetically superior to a print on the photographic paper or a poster. It will make statements.

Photos on canvas are unique and they speak of exclusivity, fine craftsmanship, effortless elegance and old world charm. Art aficionados throughout the world have adopted canvas prints as it combines new technology with art. Digital photography and application of Information Technology has evolved the process of printing photographs. Inkjet printing and dye sublimation printing are the two techniques frequently used to create magnificent photos on canvas. The photos can be enlarged with higher resolution to maintain the clarity of the picture. With the applications the color of the photo can be resized, corrected, added the desired effect and prepared to get the final, flawless print.

Once the printing is finished with pigments or dyestuffs, the print is covered with a fine finishing material to make it scratchproof and long lasting. The complete product looks like a frame-mounted painting on canvas. Photos on canvas are attractive and elegant. As a substrate for the canvas various types of canvas fabrics can be chosen for starkly different effects. The finest quality is the 100% cotton variety. The finishes can be waterproof, glossy and matte. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose the canvas from an extensive range of sizes to print the photograph.

Photos on canvas are reasonably priced and widely available. You can find a canvas print even online. Such photos are expressive and can double up as a unique gift.



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