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Why On Canvas?

If you want to be more creative in the images you print out, the canvas is a good option... More
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Print to Canvas - A Unique Art

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Canvas, a plain-woven, coarse textured, heavy-duty fabric is mainly used for making tents, sails, backpacks, marquees, bags, shoes, etc that require toughness. It is largely used by artists as a base for painting and for crafting various showpieces. Canvases are produced from linen or cotton. Paintings, prints and crafts done on canvasses are known as canvas art.

A print to canvas is done by printing images and designs onto the fabric and then stretching it; thus it is also called stretched canvas. Depending on the toughness of the material, durries, mats, wall hangings, table lays, photo frames, carpets, lamp shades and diverse kinds of home decor items are made by printed canvases. From eye-catching designs to innovative crafts, a canvas is a fantastic medium for artistic ideas.

Do-It-Yourself Tips

If you wish to create some attractive print to canvas art, all you’ll need is a sealer, a stretcher bar, a suitable printer, printer cartridges and the canvas. For printing purposes, a good-quality matt canvas is appropriate. It would be better to avoid the gloss or semi-gloss fabric or else the printing may not turn out neat enough. For a matt canvas, you will require ensuring the usage of a matt black printing ink. The sealer will protect the printed material from damages caused by cracks and humidity.

Once the printing is complete, you would have to stretch the printed canvas over the stretch bars. Now here too is a point to note- the stretch bar should be very sturdy or else it won’t be able to keep up with the tension of the canvas. A raised lip along the edges of the stretch bar will prevent the bar from appearing through the fabric. Since the entire procedure is slightly cumbersome, you better conduct a trial and error process before beginning the final work.

Why Print To Canvas?

There are several reasons behind the popularity of canvas printing, like-

  • Canvas prints and the original photograph appear quite alike. This is mainly due to the application of good quality inks.
  • With a sealer you can ascertain enough protection. No glass coverings or matting required.
  • Canvas prints tend to stay on for years unlike photo prints or newsprints.
  • Newer technologies and advancements have made canvas printing quite cheap.
  • Graphic artists can even apply paint or acrylic on the print so as to make artistic alterations on print to canvas art.
  • No framing is required to hold printed canvas materials. You can use it as it is.
  • As a fabric, canvas bears a distinct characteristic. The rugged and grained texture cannot be obtained by any other material.

Moreover, canvas printer inks are not very costly and one can easily hire a printer too; that indicate an over-all cheap production cost. Given the aforesaid advantages, it is evident that print to canvas is one of the cheapest ways to result in an appealing artistic creation.



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